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What our lovely clients say:

Meredith Chambers - Managing Director - Electric Ray

If Georgie and her team are available - BOOK HER.  She will be perfect for what you need even if you don’t know exactly what you need yet.  Georgie will make sure her role adapts and changes to best serve your production or organisation.  She’ll do it by bringing her wealth of experience, her obsession with doing the job properly, her hawks’ eye for detail and her total commitment to getting the job done whatever it takes.  She’ll do it by working a production and budget to deliver the absolute maximum resources and support to the teams and talent she’s working with.   She’ll do it by doing brilliant deals for everything big or small.  She’ll also do it by using her very special qualities – her warmth, kindness and goodness.  Teams love Georgie, I love Georgie, you’ll love Georgie. 

Elaine O'Brien - Freelance Line Producer

"Jamie was a godsend in helping me recruit my Production team. He took away the stress of looking for some solid production freelancers and ensured they had the right skills and experience to work on a big shiny floor show for the BBC."

Alan Brown - Managing Director - Sony Pictures

When they finally get around to producing the perfect AI production executive, they will call it The Georgie Bayford. She has an outstanding approach to budget preparation and is quick. She negotiates really well with buyers, assertive and with an ability to articulate the key needs of production. This already makes her great at her job. But on top of this, Georgie is an absolute joy to work alongside. She manages up and down so well that literally everyone likes working with her and everyone feels valued.  

What our lovely candidates say:

Cheryl Mendes - Production Accountant

Practically Perfect Productions are amazing! Georgie and Jamie make the perfect team, the support they give their candidates is above and beyond. They ensure that you are placed in a role that is both perfect for you and the company and are always there for you even once you start your job.
I recommend them to anyone I speak to in the TV production industry! I can't thank them enough for the amazing role I have because of them! They are a one of a kind agency! 

Sam Bailey - Production Coordinator

"I had a fab experience with PPP! Jamie and Georgie were amazing in helping me find my next perfect job. They helped me get the Production Coordinator role on RuPaul's Drag Race UK which I LOVED! I appreciate all their hard work and can’t thank them enough!"

Derek Chiu - Production Accountant

'A real touch of class' Both Georgie and Jamie are simply outstanding. They are always supportive and considerate. They are genuinely interested in finding candidates a contract and always try to exceed their expectations. 

Ria Mincks - Production Coordinator

"I can't say enough about how amazing PPP are! They are my life savers. They took away all the stress that comes with being a freelancer looking for work and made my life so much easier. I've worked with them since early 2019 now and I love everything they stand for!"

Jac Cullen - Researcher

PPP has done wonders for me as a person and for my Career. Sitting opposite Georgie & Jamie on work experience, they gave me my first step into the TV door as a runner on 'Million Pound Menu where' I got a "taste" of multiple aspects towards creating a large scale production. Since then they have continued to employ me giving me opportunities to meet people and gaining my first editorial position. They're great fun and a brilliant team!

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