How We Make Telly Happen With You

WE MAKE Production Management & Accountancy happen….

  • We provide Production Consultation across all unscripted genres
  • We provide freelance and in-house production talent for all your production needs
  • We can write your show budgets
  • We can schedule your shows
  • We can build your Cost Managers and Cost Reports
  • We use industry approved templates for all Production documentation
  • We have great relationships with telly suppliers (post-production, kit hire, travel and more)
  • We have strong partnerships with leading Business & Legal Affairs / HR professionals

WE MAKE Talent finding happen - putting top notch in-house and freelance peeps in place….

  • We consult on all your on & off-screen talent needs
  • We provide you with both the structure and teams to run your show smoothly
  • We place our existing candidates at your company
  • We source new candidates for specific roles
  • We can take on your rate negotiations
  • We remove the stress from the hiring process

WE MAKE Unscripted shows of all genres happen. Here for all your co-production and show / event fixing needs....

  • We can negotiate your budgets and commissions with channels and broadcasters
  • We can co-produce your shows (unscripted and digital content)
  • We can co-produce the development stage of your shows
  • We can act as fixers for overseas productions
  • We can produce live events and are extensively experienced in this area
  • We can produce promotional events 

Holla at us to make some #PracticallyPerfectTelly together

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