We at PPP have just launched a new division - THE BUDGET FACTORY!

Headed up by the infamous budgeting King - TV’s ONE AND ONLY SEAN LEITCH

It’s true he is the one and only but also, we have secretly worked out a way to clone him so well done us, I guess…

No, but seriously…

-We have so many amazing Head of Productions contacting us because they just don’t have the capacity or infrastructure to keep up with the volume of budgeting required.

-We have incredible start-ups who don’t have the headcount or cash for a HOP or Prod Exec on their team but need budgets produced.

-We have companies that have been hit the hardest in covid times… they have had to let people go but still need budgets produced so they can win business and grow again.

So here we are…

With our Practically Perfect Productions Team of HOPS / PROD EXECS who all work on an ADHOC FREELANCE BASIS we can and do help with ALL of the above. Our peeps cover all unscripted genres – Entertainment, Fact Ent, Reality, Fact Ent and all the rest!

If you think we can help, then please get in touch so we can discuss your needs:


Our rates are inclusive of holiday allowance. Our candidates invoice us at PPP, and we invoice our clients as a regional Limited Company.